About This Website

I am an apostle of great music. Whether I’m walking, driving, reading, writing, or doing yard work, I’m probably listening to music. From Antonio Vivaldi to Miles Davis, from the Beatles to Ladysmith Black Mambazo, I’ll listen to anything, and I enjoy nearly everything I hear.

I studied music as an undergraduate, but that was a long time ago, and I am no longer a musician, having left the practice room behind a long time ago. Instead, I’ve become a dedicated and devoted consumer of great music. I’m no longer the musician on stage. I’m now the guy sitting in the audience or creating playlists for my iPod.

And I’m the best audience member a musician would ever want because I find such great joy in hearing what musicians create. Some people golf, fish, or collect stamps. I spend my time searching for the next piece of music that will make me dance, smile, or shed a tear — the piece of music that will make me believe everything is right with the world.

I’ve spent over two decades teaching music history to high school students in humanities classes and adults in community education and lifelong learning programs. Something I’ve learned teaching my students — even the ones who claim they are "tone deaf" — is that getting them to like classical music is not difficult. Once they know a little about the elements of music and can place a piece of music in historical context, they usually become classical music enthusiasts. As the conductor Benjamin Zander said, "Everyone likes classical music, they just don't know it yet.”

And that is the mission of this website — to help more people realize how much they would enjoy classical music if they simply gave it a chance. Understanding classical music might take a little more time and effort than understanding a three-minute pop song, but the rewards are worth it. At its best, classical music has the ability to purify your soul, calm your mind, and bring unbridled joy into your life.

I created this website as a labor of love and invite you to visit it often to discover the tremendous pleasure that comes from listening to classical music. Rather than advising you to stop and smell the roses, I’ll recommend that you stop and listen to the music. I am certain that you will enjoy the experience.